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Voted “Best New Liquor Store” when our current location opened in 2002. North Woburn Liquors is part of a storied Woburn history.

Francis Cullen and Charles McSheffrey, both Woburnites and amputee Veterans of WWII, were awarded a coveted license to purvey liquors in July 1952. They built a business that would later become the #1 beer and liquor retailer in the Route 128 area.

Since 1960, three stores have been built, all within 50 yards of our current location. The first store anchored the end of a mall that included a Zayre Department Store, the second store, built in 1973, next to a Purity Supreme food store and finally our current store, anchoring the wonderfully designed and easily accessible Super Stop & Shop mall.

Designed to take advantage of the changing dynamics of the wine and high end liquor categories, current owners David McSheffrey and Mark Cullen have won high praise for their attention to delivering the highest quality product in a customer friendly and attractive atmosphere. Like a fine wine, our store will “call you back for another sip”.

We invite you to come in and see why our valued customers have been shopping our store for generations.

Please join us at our weekly wine tastings and other product promotions. We’d love to have your business.

Thank you,

Dave and Mark

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